Approximate design size per location

Left Chest: 4" wide, maximum
If the design is square, we recommend 3" wide
Sleeve: 3" wide
Full Back: 10" wide

Low Profile Caps: 2" high by 4" wide, maximum.
Side: designs for the side of caps work best if they are small and do not have a straightedge bottom.

Submitting designs for embroidery

Submitting Art For Digitizing - Digitizing creates a file that our high-speed commercial embroidery machines can read.

Unlike screen printing, embroidery only uses the art as a template for creating the digitized 'tapes.' For this reason, clean JPEGs will work just fine. Keep in mind, though, the clearer the image, the better. If you can't see the details in your design, then we can't either.

Art for digitizing, or digitized files can be emailed to the embroidery department:

Screenprinting - design sizes per location

At ORS, we print allover apparel!  These are some guidelines we use:
Our basic maximum imprint area is limited 14" wide x 16” high.
We do have speciality screens that go up to 36" wide.
Average Full Front or Full Back imprint sizes for ADULT tees are 12" wide or 12" high
Average Full Front or Full Back imprint sizes for YOUTH tees are 9" wide or 10" high
The average Left Chest imprint size is 4" wide or 4" tall.
For imprints on shirt pockets, the maximum imprint size is 3" wide by 3 1/2" tall.
Short Sleeve imprints can only go 3" x 3” maximum.
Long Sleeve imprints can be up to 3” wide and 15" high, maximum.
Leg imprints are usually 3" x 3"

Submitting art for screen printing

Our designers are expert level Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw users.  We can accept a wide variety of art sources, from state-of the art computer graphic files to something your drunk cousin Bob scrawled on a napkin and faxed to you when your toner was low and you had a paper jam. ? Computer files are preferred, but we can usually work with whatever you have.

While we can use files from many different graphic programs, we prefer PDF, EPS, SVG, TIFF and PNG files. Send what you have - we'll give it a whirl. We prefer vector files (ai, eps, svg} but if you have a raster image - it must be a minimum 300 dpi at full print size.

Art for screen printing can be emailed to our art department:


Screen Printing

For screen printed orders, your quote is built based on the following
•  How many pieces you’re ordering (minimum is 12)
•  çost of the garment you order
    (Gildan is cheaper than Comfort Colors, for example)
•   How many colors are in the design being printed
(1 color designs are cheaper than 10 color designs)
how many locations are being printed
(front & back, 1 sleeve or 2, etc.)


For embroidered orders, your quote is built based on the following
•  Size of the design
    Left chest or pocket area vs. a larger back design)

•  How many stitches are in the design
this dictates how long the design takes to produce)
•  Specialty embroidery
     Twill, puff, or speciality threads.
•   The cost of the garment

Can I use a picture from the internet

Images on web pages are made to download quickly so they are usually small and very low resolution. Although we can create an imprint from such a picture, you probably wouldn't like the results. Larger, high resolution images would be preferable, but if the web image is all you have send it anyway and we'll see what we can do.

Good rules of thumb:
If you can’t zoom in to see details before it gets fuzzy/blurry/pixelated, then we can’t either.
Screenshots from social media posts are not preferable; please send the original photo or save the image & send to us.  We also do not print or re-create images that are or may be subject to copywrite. 

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